Our Work Environment

  • Enjoying Work: We believe that the secret of success lies in bright, creative minds working together. We're a high-energy company filled with people who want to be challenged and rewarded for meeting those challenges. And we want to have fun while we're doing it. This is why Axon Data believes the key to competitive success in the ITES industry rests with one key resource... human capital.
  • Emphasis on Training: We help you realize your highest potential. Our HR department has a rigorous recruitment process designed to meet international standards. All employees go through regular, structured technical and professional training programs, as well as cultural awareness seminars, to ensure the retention of a talented and motivated staff.
  • Equal Employment Opportunity: Contata believes its objectives can be achieved by utilizing all the resources available, without discrimination based on characteristics unrelated to job performance.


  • The standards we adhere to are simple, but they reflect all that we've learned as an organization. Treat people with respect and dignity. Achieve excellence. Work together. Conduct ourselves with integrity.
  • These are the principles that define and guide how we operate, both as a business and with each other, serving as bedrock for our global success as a leader in the business. And together they ensure that we:
    • Serve our clients exceptionally well
    • enhance association and engagement
    • strengthen our business

Why Join Axon Data?

  • The fastest-growing industry of the corporate world, the BPO/ITES industry offers you a range of careers with a specific boom in the BPO/ITES area.
  • Axon Data consistently attracts the best and the brightest talent because the environment is stimulating yet comfortable, friendly yet challenging. It's an enjoyable atmosphere to work in, where each employee is encouraged to realize his/her full potential, through his/her individual contribution, and as part of a team.
  • The friendly atmosphere promotes consistent interaction, communication and a family feeling, which motivates productivity.
  • We firmly believe that our human resources are our most valuable assets, which we must nurture and develop. Our success depends largely on this attitude and approach.

Current Available Positions

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